Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) Analytical Panel


In January 2020 we submitted a set of 'logic chains' to Government's LIS Analytical Panel for review. These present the rationale behind a set of draft interventions for the LIS which were identified through extensive engagement with partners and are in response to the findings from our evidence base.


Feedback from the panel was very positive, particularly around the quality and breadth of our evidence base and how this has informed the interventions.


These 'logic chains' will inform the further development of our LIS and the interventions within them will continue to evolve as we draft the LIS document and negotiate with Government.


You can view the logic chains that were submitted here.


Our full evidence base can be found here.


Next steps for the LIS


Following the December 2019 General Election the Government signalled its continued commitment to Local Industrial Strategies.


We will continue to work closely with Government and local partners in 2020 to develop the LIS and will update this page with our progress.


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