We have worked with our partners Enterprise M3 and South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) to produce an ambitious energy strategy for our combined region.


The strategy, produced with technical consultants Siemens, was launched in March 2019, to help meet the UK's statutory climate change targets for 2032 and 2050.


The shared vision for our region is to become a leader for sustainable energy production within the UK, powering innovative, decarbonised and clean economic growth.



This agreed strategy has five priority themes, these are:

  • Low carbon heating
  • Energy saving and efficiency
  • Renewable generation
  • Smart energy systems
  • Transport


Within the five priority themes, 18 key project models have been identified which can be rolled out and scaled up across the South East with the twin aims of attracting investment and achieving significant carbon emission savings.


The Strategic Boards of Coast to Capital, Enterprise M3 and South East LEPs will provide direction, investment scrutiny and advocacy for the ambitions set out in the plan.


A Strategic Energy Delivery Group will be established to coordinate delivery, to pursue and coordinate opportunities to deliver the Project Models and to ensure that opportunities for cooperation and up-scaling are identified and acted on.


To download a copy of The South2East Local Energy Strategy, click here

To download a copy of The South2East Local Energy Strategy Action Plan and Project Models, click here



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