Our Strategic Economic Plan, Gatwick 360°, was published in 2018. In Gatwick 360° we identified that despite the many economic strengths of our area, productivity has not grown at the rate it could have done compared to other, similar Local Enterprise Partnership areas. There are a number of interconnected factors which have contributed to this which are described in the plan.


In response, we identified eight economic priorities that we would work with our partners to address:


  • Priority 1 - Deliver Prosperous Urban Centres
  • Priority 2 - Develop Business Infrastructure and Support
  • Priority 3 - Invest in Sustainable Growth
  • Priority 4 - Create Skills for The Future
  • Priority 5 - Pioneer Innovation in Core Strengths
  • Priority 6 - Promote Better Transport and Mobility
  • Priority 7 - Improve Digital Network Capability
  • Priority 8 - Build a Strong National and International Identity


To learn more about the priorities and our findings, read the full report here.



Gatwick 360˚, and the evidence base which accompanied it, formed the starting point for further extensive economic strategy work by us towards a Local Industrial Strategy. More recently, we have published our Build Back Stronger, Smarter and Greener strategy in response to our long term productivity challenges as well as the economic and social shocks presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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