We work with Government and local stakeholders to provide regional strategic leadership on a number of important economic, social and environmental agendas.


Build Back Stronger, Smarter and Greener


We have launched a framework for future investment to transform productivity in the region, Build Back Stronger, Smarter and Greener. It will help us to recover from the economic effects of COVID-19 by kick-starting large scale infrastructure projects. We aim to build an economy which is more diverse and more resilient, and with the necessary infrastructure upgrades to drive job creation, build supply chains between large and small business and provide training opportunities for residents.




Strategic Economic Plan and Local Industrial Strategy



Like all Local Enterprise Partnerships we produce a Strategic Economic Plan for our area which shapes our vision and our priorities. This is part of an overall picture of UK economic planning which includes Government's own Industrial Strategy and local economic plans produced by Local Authorities. We have been working with stakeholders and Government to prepare a Local Industrial Strategy for the region that will help contribute to UK productivity following our departure from the European Union.





We are bringing businesses and education providers together through our Skills 360° Board to create the right skills for people and business that will increase economic and social prosperity. Our Enterprise Adviser Network builds relationships between schools, colleges and local businesses to inspire and raise career aspirations among our young people and to increase their exposure to the world of work.



Clean Growth and Energy


Clean and sustainable growth that reduces and offsets the impacts of climate change, is central to our regional plan to Build Back Stronger, Smarter and Greener. It will enable us to create new jobs, support the economy, families and communities as well as enhancing and protecting our environment.


Moving to cleaner forms of energy across business, industry and in our daily lives is central to reducing carbon emissions in order to achieve ‘net-zero’ and enhance quality of life in the region. We work with regional partners to support the coordination and delivery of energy and climate change strategies and the many projects that underpin these.


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