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We welcome any feedback on our Board meetings that you wish to share with us. Please send your comments to contact@coast2capital.org.uk no later than 24 hours before the meeting.


Upcoming Board Meetings Scheduled Date for Board Meetings

Board Meeting 55

27 January 2022

Board Meeting 56

28 April 2022

Board meeting 57

5 July 2022

Board Meeting 58

13 October 2022


Board meetings are held in two parts and non-confidential items are covered in Part A and any items that are confidential are covered under Part B. We publish our full Board agenda and Part A papers five clear working days in advance of the meeting. Part A agenda item minutes and decisions are published on our website within 10 clear working days of the meeting taking place, and these will include Part B minutes and decisions if they are not confidential.


We publish all papers and minutes for any Board and sub-Committees which involve decisions about public money; however, confidential information may be redacted.


For more information please refer to the Board Meetings below.


Nick Darwin

Governance Officer

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