COVID-19 Skills and Labour Market Impact Assessment Updated to October 2020


Coast to Capital have carried out a Skills and Labour Market Impact Assessment to gain valuable intelligence on how COVID-19 has impacted on the labour market, the availability of jobs and the skills needs in the Coast to Capital area. The report looks at the impact on people's employment status, the change in the availability and types of jobs on offer and the main skills that businesses are currently looking for.


We have published two versions of this impact assessment to date, the original report which shows data to June 2020 and an updated version showing data to October 2020. The update should be read alongside the original report, and both are available in the related resources section of this page.


We will review and update this report on a quarterly basis to reflect the fast changing nature of the environment we are currently in.


Coast to Capital Skills Strategy and Action Plan


Coast to Capital's Skills Strategy and Action Plan has been produced by the Skills 360 Board and sets out the skills strategy and locally tailored skills action plan to support the recovery and future resilience of the people, businesses and places in the Coast to Capital economy.


The document is firmly linked to our wider objectives for our economy to build back stronger, smarter and greener, connecting people to high quality local employment and giving businesses the skills needed to adapt.


The Coast to Capital Skills Strategy and Action Plan can be found in the related resources section of this page.


Here is a recording of our virtual event to formally launch the Skills Strategy and Action Plan in December 2020. 



A Q&A document addressing any questions submitted before/during the event that were not answered in the panel discussion will be posted here in early 2021.


Coast to Capital Careers Hub


The Skills 360 Board are delighted to support the development of a Careers Hub from September 2020.


The Skills Toolkit


The Skills Toolkit is an online platform, giving people easy access to free, high
quality digital and numeracy courses to help them build up their skills, progress in
work and boost their job prospects.

The platform offers a range of courses at all levels, from introductory to advanced,
which were chosen in consultation with top businesses and educational experts.
It's open to everyone, whether they've been furloughed and want to learn new
skills, are out of work and looking to build up their CV, or if they're just keen to
keep their mind healthy and busy during time spent at home.

Focussing on the skills many employers need the most, The Skills Toolkit is a first
step towards recovery, helping to boost the nation's growth and productivity.


Institute of Technology in Coast to Capital


The Wave 2 competition for Institutes of Technology is now open. For more information, including the prospectus and how to apply, please visit the Government website here.


We would encourage any organisations or consortia planning to submit a bid for the area to get in touch with the LEP for a discussion.


Skills and Labour Market Research Report


The Skills and Labour Research Project has now been completed and the Baseline Report and Baseline Appendix Report are finalised.


These report will feed into and support the development of the 'people' section of the Coast to Capital Local Industrial Strategy, as well as the work towards the Gatwick 360° priority to Create Skills for the Future.


The reports can be found here and also on the related resources section of this page.


Local Industrial Strategy Engagement - Youth Consultations


Coast to Capital also held a series of engagement workshops with students in three higher and further education institutions across the area, as part of the wider public Local Industrial Strategy engagement. The findings of these youth consultation sessions can be viewed here.

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