Construction Spotlight Project


As part of Coast to Capital LEP’s Skills Strategy and Action Plan we are working with our Skills 360 Board Construction Champions and partners across the area to undertake a focused spotlight project on the construction sector. 


The project will explore how we can make the most of the employment opportunities in the sector now and into the future. The project will also look to raise the profile of the sector and of sector specific initiatives which support economic recovery; highlight career opportunities in the sector and ensure that the relevant training is available for young people and adults to meet project demands, including skills for regeneration and net-zero.


Coast to Capital - Skills 360 Board Construction Spotlight Project Events


Skills 360 Board’s Construction Spotlight Project aims to raise the profile of the sector and of sector specific initiatives which support economic recovery. 

As part of the project we will be holding the first in a series of virtual events during May, June and July 2021, which will include an information session on the Talent Retention Scheme, roundtable events to have a two way conversation with skills providers and construction organisations on the skills required for the sector and a session to present on the finding of research being undertaken into the workforce and skills need of the construction sector over the next 10 years.

Below are further details of these events, who they are aimed at and information on how to book your place.


Construction Talent Retention Scheme Information Session

Friday, 7 May 2021

1.00pm – 2.00pm


Stuart Young, Head of Stakeholder Engagement & Management, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Catriona Duncan, Deputy Relationship Manager, Communications and Policy Officer Construction sector, Business Sectors Group, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).


This session will be presented by Stuart Young and Catriona Duncan from BEIS, who will introduce the Construction Talent Retention Scheme (CTRS) to local businesses and employment support agencies across the area.  There will be an opportunity to discuss the use of this tool and ask questions of our presenters.


CTRS  is a platform that supports potential candidate showcase their skills, talent, expertise and experience to employers in the construction industry. It offers a free opportunity for individuals to search for roles, transition from another sector (such as retail or hospitality) or begin their career with a construction company.


For employers the platform provides the opportunity to secure the skills, talent and experience you need for your organisation.


The platform has over 1,500 live vacancies, 1,660 candidates registered and over 800 companies are using the platform to advertise roles across the UK. Although it was created to support the construction industry, the platform also has a wide range of non-construction specific roles including HR, customer service, sales, and marketing.


This session will be of interest to construction organisations and networks, wishing to find the skills they need for their business, as well as people support agencies who are supporting those seeking employment in construction and other industries.

To book onto this event please go to this link


Roundtable Event

Construction Skills Provision Roundtable

Tuesday 25 May 2021

1.30pm – 3.00pm

This roundtable event aims to share our plans for the Construction Spotlight project with skills and education providers from across the Coast to Capital area, discuss providers existing construction activities, share best practice and how we can take forward collaborative working to support the development of the construction sector talent pipeline.


The event will be of interest to heads of department at local colleges, universities, independent training providers and local authority Economic Development Officers and Skills and Employment leads.

To book onto this event please go to this link


Skills 360 Board Construction Sector Champion biographies:


Liane Richardson

Liane is the HR Director at Thakeham Group who are an infrastructure-led community creator and strategic land promoter and proud winner of a Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For. Liane has worked at Thakeham for several years and prior to this worked within HR in the engineering sector where she gained more than 15 years HR experience with a focus on employee relations. Liane is also a Enterprise Advisor for a school in Reigate, a member of the Coast to Capital Skills 360 Board and Construction Sector Champion and Chairperson for the Careers Hub Steering Group.


Tim Walder

Tim is a Senior Director with Arcadis and their UK Aviation Sector Leader with over 40 years’ experience in the construction and aviation industry and 23 years with Arcadis. He leads the Arcadis aviation team of 140 multi-disciplined team members, undertaking strategic consultancy and design commissions for Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, London City and the Scottish Highlands & Islands Airports, plus the CAA as their Technical Advisors and many international programmes and master plans such as at Schiphol and Santiago Airports. Tim is a Chartered Surveyor by profession and has extensive international experience including working in: Macau, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Turkmenistan, Peru, France, Poland and Portugal.


Tim plays a key leadership role in the UK wide Aviation Sector and is on the Board of the British Aviation Group (BAG) with the manifesto to raise awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the aviation industry and promote the Next Generation agenda. He is on the Coast to Capital LEP 360 Skills Board and in champion roles for Construction and Diversity & Inclusion. Tim is also the Arcadis Croydon Office Director, a member of the Arcadis Inclusion Taskforce, a qualified life coach with the International Coach Federation and a Careers Enterprise Advisor supporting schools in Croydon and Worthing


Construction Sector - Planned Infrastructure and Skills Requirements research report session


This session will run in July/AugustAs part of the Construction Spotlight Action Plan we have set out to ‘build and share a picture of the planned infrastructure construction programme in the Coast to Capital area over the next 10 years to understand the type and quantity of skills needed. Particular focus will be given to opportunities for young people, local people, people from disadvantaged groups.


This session will focus on the results of the research report and be an opportunity to discuss the findings and explore collaboration to take any actions forward.

The event will be of interest to education providers, local authorities, construction sector businesses and networks, operating in Brighton and Hove, West Sussex and East Surrey areas.


To be informed when the date for this event is finalised please email


When you register for these events, you will get a link to your online event page in your confirmation email. When the webinar is about to start, you will have two options:


Join in browser — The Zoom meeting appears in the browser window.

Join in Zoom — The Zoom app opens to join from there.


Attendees must join from the online event page.


Coast to Capital Local Skills Report 2020/21 


Coast to Capital’s Skills Advisory Panel, the Skills 360 Board, are pleased to announce the publication of the first Local Skills Report for the area.  


Local Skills Reports are a requirement of all SAPs and were introduced by DfE to provide a clear and consistent view of local skills needs across areas in a relevant and engaging format for local partners.  


Our Local Skills Report incorporates our previously published Skills Strategy and Action Plan for 2020 – 25, but also includes a progress update, case studies and a data annex of core indicators.  


We hope that the Local Skills Report will be a useful tool in engaging partners and stakeholders across the region to work collaboratively with the Skills 360 Board to achieve our aspirations for skills and employment in Coast to Capital.  



FE White Paper: Skills for Jobs


Department for Education recently published a white paper ‘Skills for jobs: lifelong learning for opportunity and growth’ which sets out reforms to post-16 technical education and training to support people to develop the skills needed to get good jobs and improve national productivity.




  • Business groups, including Chambers of Commerce, working alongside colleges to develop tailored Local Skills Improvement Plans to meet local training needs
  • A £65 million Investment in local skills priorities with reference to a new Strategic Development Fund and the beefing up of the recently announced Skills and Productivity Board.
  • Giving employers a central role in designing almost all technical courses by 2030, to ensure that the education and training people receive is directly linked to the skills needed for real jobs.
  • Boosting the quality and uptake of Higher Technical Qualifications - that provide the skills that many employers say they need and that can lead to higher wages – by introducing newly approved qualifications from September 2022 supported by a government-backed brand and quality mark.
  • Changing the law so that from 2025 people can access flexible student finance so they can train and retrain throughout their lives, supported by funding in 21/22 to test ways to boost access to more modular and flexible learning.
  • Overhauling the funding and accountability rules, so funding is better targeted at supporting high quality education and training that meets the needs of employers; and introducing new powers to intervene when colleges are failing to deliver good outcomes for the communities they serve.
  • Identification of careers education as strong underpinning to all announcements and Government’s overall ambition to raising the stakes on lifelong learning, skills and growth.
  • Commitment to continuing infrastructure roll-out including Careers Hubs, the Enterprise Adviser Network and high-quality Careers Leader Training.
  • Launching a nationwide recruitment campaign to get more talented individuals to teach in further education and investing in high quality professional development including a new Workforce Industry Exchange Programme.


Further information can be found on the website here.


COVID-19 Skills and Labour Market Impact Assessment Updated to October 2020


Coast to Capital have carried out a Skills and Labour Market Impact Assessment to gain valuable intelligence on how COVID-19 has impacted on the labour market, the availability of jobs and the skills needs in the Coast to Capital area. The report looks at the impact on people's employment status, the change in the availability and types of jobs on offer and the main skills that businesses are currently looking for.


We have published two versions of this impact assessment to date, the original report which shows data to June 2020 and an updated version showing data to October 2020. The update should be read alongside the original report, and both are available in the related resources section of this page.


We will review and update this report on a quarterly basis to reflect the fast changing nature of the environment we are currently in.


Coast to Capital Skills Strategy and Action Plan


Coast to Capital's Skills Strategy and Action Plan has been produced by the Skills 360 Board and sets out the skills strategy and locally tailored skills action plan to support the recovery and future resilience of the people, businesses and places in the Coast to Capital economy.


The Skills Strategy and Action Plan now forms part of our Local Skills Report (published March 2021). 


Here is a recording of our virtual event to formally launch the Skills Strategy and Action Plan in December 2020. 



A Q&A document addressing questions submitted that weren't answered during the event can be found in the related resources section of this page.


The Skills Toolkit


The Skills Toolkit is an online platform, giving people easy access to free, high
quality digital and numeracy courses to help them build up their skills, progress in
work and boost their job prospects.

The platform offers a range of courses at all levels, from introductory to advanced,
which were chosen in consultation with top businesses and educational experts.
It's open to everyone, whether they've been furloughed and want to learn new
skills, are out of work and looking to build up their CV, or if they're just keen to
keep their mind healthy and busy during time spent at home.

Focussing on the skills many employers need the most, The Skills Toolkit is a first
step towards recovery, helping to boost the nation's growth and productivity.

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