Newhaven Enterprise Zone

THEME: Enterprise Zone

AREA: East Sussex

Newhaven Enterprise Zone is a collaboration between Coast to Capital and Lewes District Council.

Delivery Body: Lewes District Council & Coast to Capital

Theme: Enterprise Zone

Summary of Project:

The focus of the EZ is to act as the catalyst for positive growth in Newhaven, which would not happen so readily without the practical incentives for business, and shared ambition for the economic success of the town.


The three priorities for growth seek to ensure lasting and positive change:


Priority 1, Quality Growth: To promote cohesive development which will foster pride in Newhaven, recognising the town's exceptional natural capital and also its working port and coastal connections.


Priority 2, Inclusive Growth: To deliver local skills and support for businesses which will create a diverse and prosperous economy, ensuring Newhaven residents are shared benefactors of change.


Priority 3, Sustainable Growth: To invest in housing and infrastructure which will attract inward investment, creating a lasting economic and social legacy for Newhaven.


The EZ plays play a critical role in delivering economic productivity across Greater Brighton, and easing pressure on the rapidly growing Brighton City Region economy.


The EZ encompasses eight separate sites dispersed throughout the town, to support the sustainable regeneration of Newhaven and its shift towards a higher value economy over the next twenty-five years.


The Enterprise Zone officially launched in April 2017 and covers approximately 79 hectares.


For more information about each of the priorities for growth and the actions associated to each one, please read the EZ's Strategic Framework or visit the website at


Key Outputs

  • Create 55,000m² of new commercial and employment floorspace
  • Refurbish a further 15,000m² of commercial and employment floorspace
  • Create / safeguard up to 2,000 jobs.



For more information visit the Newhaven Enterprise Zone section.

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