Newhaven Flood Defences

THEME: Flood Defences

AREA: East Sussex

Protecting residents and businesses through quality flood resilience

Delivery Body: Environment Agency

Theme: Flood Defences

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £1.5m

Match Funding Contribution: £20.76m

Project Status: Delivering

Summary of Project:

Located on the coast between Seaford and Peacehaven, Newhaven has previously been affected by extreme weather that has caused flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure including railway lines. The current flood risks effect potential for business growth in the area and therefore job opportunities.


The Newhaven Flood Defence scheme was conceived on the back of the national flood survey which identified Newhaven at high risk of flooding without intervention, and will see the 20 year flood protection benefiting businesses and homes in and around the town of Newhaven. Coast to Capital invested Local Growth Funding towards the construction, as this scheme entailed major engineering with logistical challenges involving construction work around operational facilities and also in the deep water port area. In addition the environmental mitigation measures were of the highest order, with the Environment Agency going to significant lengths to ensure that environmental conservation was a high priority throughout the project.


The project will prevent both a downstream flow and backflow from the sea, flooding incident, which would have devastating effects on the town, and will ensure the protection of property and life in a town of significant economic potential within the region and also being an international destination with Enterprise Zone status.


Key Outputs:

  • 494 homes protected
  • 98,241sqm of commercial floor space protected
  • 1,460 jobs arising from enhanced flood protection


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