Wider Network Package (Surrey)

THEME: Transport

AREA: East Surrey

Reducing congestion through enhanced traffic management along the A24, A217,A23, A240, A22.

Delivery Body: Surrey County Council

Theme: Transport

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £2.9m

Match Funding Contribution: £750k

Project Status: Complete


Summary of Project

Congestion reduction is the aim of the Wider Networks Benefits scheme. This project is set to make improvements for Surrey's five highest priority corridors: A23; A24 (North); A25; A217 and A240. New infrastructure will help to improve journey times, safety and efficiency of the roads which will have a knock on effect to surrounding areas.


The Local Growth Funds are being used throughout this project to ensure success.


Key Outputs

  • 16 speed cameras
  • 45 CCTV (Closed Circuit Tevevision)
  • 57 DUSC (Dial Up Strategic Control)
  • 6 junction controllers
  • 3 pelican controllers


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