Valley Gardens Phase 3

THEME: Transport

AREA: Brighton

Creating public realm and improving connectivity

Delivery Body: Brighton and Hove City Council

Theme: Transport

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £6m

Match Funding Contribution: £1.84m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

The Valley Gardens project is located in Brighton and runs between St Peter's Church and Church Street. The aim of the project is to transform a congested one way system in Brighton, which currently isolates the park and allow it to once again be opened up to easy access to members of the public.


Coast to Capital has invested Local Growth Funding across 3 phases of the scheme, to help improve green space, footpaths and roads. This route connects many residential areas to the city centre and the Brighton lanes. Current structure makes navigating the roads and pathways difficult for all users. Improvements made will see both road network and public realm transformed, with all new paving and traffic flow networks, including the removal of the accident prone roundabout in front of the pier.


These enhancements will allow a more sensible and user friendly route, including dedicated bus lanes travelling in both directions, improved public accessibility and bus priority measures, plus new walking and cycling provision between the park, beach and sea front. Additionally, improvements in this area will enhance visitor and local footfall, making it a prime location for community events and markets.


Key Outputs


  • 1,588sqm of resurfaced roads
  • 670m cycle ways

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