Growth is Digital - 5G

THEME: Digital

AREA: Brighton

The project will deliver a 5G Testbed deployment in the city of Brighton that will help to link the research conducted in the 5G Research Centre at Surrey University to the Brighton Centre and engage CDIT related SMEs in the Coast to Capital region in early access to the technology.

Delivery Body: National Catapult

Theme: Digital

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £1.2m

Match Funding Contribution: £121k

Project Status: Complete


Summary of Project

Key sectors in Brighton have the capacity, capabilities and motivation to generate significant benefit by engaging with new technologies that better connect to the internet on a mobile basis. The future of many businesses depend on websites and other internet usage on a faster, more secure and more reliable basis.


The Local Growth Fund will contribute towards 5G research at Surrey University and to develop the Digital Catapult Centre in Brighton.


Key Outputs

  • 12 businesses engaged to develop use cases with the 5G testbed
  • 100 Businesses and opportunities
  • 5 New businesses formed


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