Gigabit Coast - Adur & Worthing

THEME: Digital

AREA: West Sussex

Enhancing connectivity and access to high speed internet

Delivery Body: Adur and Worthing Councils

Theme: Digital

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £676k

Match Funding Contribution: £4.1m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

Adur and Worthing Councils are working together to enhance the appeal of the region for residents, visitors and the workforce. To future proof the area, there is a need to retain young people who can contribute to the local economy, build on existing and create new businesses which will provide new jobs and further retain talent for the future. To do this successfully, Internet access and 5G is required to provide fast and reliable connections that will support businesses to grow.


Coast to Capital awarded Local Growth Funding to this project to enable the installation of infrastructure required and the laying of 54km of dark fibre through 83 key sites around Adur and Worthing. This extensive amount of new fibre will support 80 publically available WiFi access points and 3,150 businesses over 10 years.


The availability of fast and reliable internet connections will enable businesses to reach a local and world-wide market in the most effective way. In addition, the fibre will connect existing CCTV infrastructure which will allow for the current stand-alone CCTV units to have their information streamed to a central location that can then be managed more effectively.


Key Outputs

  • 100 Unlocked Jobs
  • 54km of Fibre Laid
  • 80 Wi-Fi Access Points
  • 0.37% GDP Uplift
  • 3,150 businesses supported

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