Central Brighton Campus (Pelham Campus)

THEME: Skills

AREA: Brighton

Investing in high quality learning space to fill the skills gap

Delivery Body: Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Theme: Skills

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £5m

Match Funding Contribution: £10.7m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project:

There is a currently well documented skills shortages and gaps required by creative, digital and IT businesses, and for this reason Greater Brighton Metropolitan College put forward a scheme that will see the redevelopment and creation of new facilities on the campus. With Local Growth Funding contribution from Coast to Capital, the project will look to create new state of the art education facilities in digital technology, which have been co-designed in partnership with industry to ensure that course provision and skills development meets the needs of employers. This facility is unique in this respect in that it is specifically a response to the skills needs of industry companies and thus the course provision has therefore been specifically geared to respond to employer market needs.


The site redevelopment will include the construction of the new teaching facilities on the site of the current car park adjacent to the main college campus in central Brighton. The architectural design will better utilise the whole site and enhance the education provision and course offering in digital technologies whilst creating/safeguarding jobs, and upskilling new learners/apprentices. In addition the College will be disposing of surplus land to make way for housing units in the heart of Brighton.


Key Outputs:

  • 1.062 Jobs/Apprentices
  • 130 homes
  • 2,700sqm new build training / learning floor space
  • 1,153sqm refurbished training / learning space
  • 15,546sqm floor space rationalised
  • 610 additional learners


View the minutes of the meeting where the desicion to approve this project was taken here.

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