Caterham Business Hub

THEME: Urban Regeneration

AREA: Surrey

Providing essential space to allow businesses to grow

Delivery Body: Tandridge District Council

Theme: Urban Regeneration

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £225k

Match Funding Contribution: £800k

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

Coast to Capital was pleased to support Tandridge District Council in its refurbishment of a large office building, which the Council purchased, deliberately to prevent it being converted into housing under permitted development rights. The Council had the vision and ambition to ensure that it secured through purchase, the future of Quadrant House in Caterham Valley to ensure that it could remain and also become a hub for scaling businesses to grow. Coast to Capital's funding will go toward the refurbishment of the building.


Maintaining high quality business space in Caterham is extremely important to also stop the decline of the street. In fact the building purchased by the Council has a number of retail units at ground floor level. Tandridge are keen to ensure that Caterham high street remains relevant and vibrant, through ensuring active frontages that retain retail can thrive from the additional day time footfall. The creation of modern and flexible business space is a critical ingredient for Caterham in order to ensure that it continues to thrive and maintain its status as one of the largest retail centres in East Surrey.


This project and the refurbishment works will help create or safeguard jobs and also support local businesses and enterprises.


Key Outputs

  • 300 New Jobs
  • 200 Safeguarded Jobs
  • 1574sqm Commercial Space Refurbished/unlocked
  • 530sqm Refurbished learning facilities
  • 160 Enterprises reciving non-financial support

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