Bognor Regis Creative Digital Hub

THEME: Skills

AREA: Bognor Regis

Transforming empty spaces into flexible collaborative workspace

Delivery Body: West Sussex County Council

Theme: Skills

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £500k

Match Funding Contribution: £821k

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

The Town of Bognor Regis is in need of new commercial space for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow. With the local University producing more graduates each year it is important to provide business space in order for high quality jobs to be available which will in turn retain local talent to the area. The repurposing of existing and empty buildings will produce what is needed without the need for new buildings and increased foot print of commercial spaces. This both supports business and a sustainable environment.


Coast to Capital awarded Local Growth Funds to the Bognor Regis Creative Digital Hub project, which will refurbish and fit out an existing Grade II listed space located in the Bognor Regis Railway Station. This space has remained empty for some time and as a result of this project, will be transformed into a dedicated space for local businesses to work and collaborate.


In addition to office space there will be an area that can be used for events and exhibitions so that businesses can promote and market products to investors and consumers. Being located at the Railway Station entrance provides an excellent sustainable transport option for the users and access for those that need to travel from elsewhere. The project will be a catalyst for the future developments of the surrounding public realm area.


Key Outputs

  • 338 jobs
  • 87 indirect jobs
  • 362sqm commercial floor space
  • 3,775 Supported enterprises
  • 348 entrepreneurs assisted to be enterprise ready
  • 38 additional businesses with at least 30mbps broadband access


View the minutes of the meeting where the desicion to approve this project was taken here.

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