Advanced Engineering Centre

THEME: Skills

AREA: Brighton

Dedicated engineering training facilities to meet employment demand

Delivery Body: University of Brighton

Theme: Skills

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £7m

Match Funding Contribution: £7.9m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

Brighton University and local business Ricardo, used to share facilities for engineering research, innovation and training. The scope for growth was very limited, and as the region has a high concentration of higher value advanced engineering companies in the vicinity, Local Growth Funding was awarded towards the construction of a new Advanced Engineering Centre which will allow an advance in important research and the high demand for specialist engineers.


The new building has allowed for the expansion and enhancement of the partnership between Ricardo and the University of Brighton in the design and development of novel low carbon internal combustion engines. It has also provided a dedicated joint facility where University staff can work alongside Ricardo engineers to undertake fundamental research to assist with the design of the next generation of internal combustion engines. This meets both the strategic priorities of the UK Automotive Council and supports the training of the next generation of automotive design engineers


The building was officially opened in April 2018 and is operating very successfully and has been valuable in attracting students to the university and engineering courses. It will make a considerable future contribution to the training of engineers and allow the continuation and expansion of research activity


Key Outputs

  • 50 jobs
  • 100 graduates
  • 3,600sqm of employment space
  • 340 STEM students


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