16 December 2020

Coast to Capital were delighted to launch a new Skills Strategy and Action Plan at a virtual event last week.

The plan has been produced by the Skills 360 Board and sets out the skills strategy and locally tailored skills action plan to support the recovery and future resilience of the people, businesses and places in the Coast to Capital economy.


At the event, the audience heard of the scale of the challenge for skills provision across the area. The region has a significant gap in the 20-40 year old working population which has resulted in quite severe recruitment challenges for many businesses, large and small. To address challenges such as these, the Skills 360 Board has identified three transformational projects that would have medium to long term outcomes for the area:


  • A new Careers Hub, an extension of our existing Enterprise Adviser Network which we deliver in partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company.
  • The creation of an Institute of Technology in the area to support the development of the higher level skills much needed by our businesses.
  • An Innovation Centre. We identified an opportunity in the Crawley area, supported by the presence of large advanced manufacturing and engineering firms.


As part of the strategy, Coast to Capital’s Skills 360 Board will provide strong leadership on skills in the local area, using an in depth knowledge of the local economy, business and skills ecosystems to contribute to and influence policy, strategy and delivery at a national, regional and local level.


Frances Rutter, Chair of the Skills 360 Board said:


“Flexibility is going to be particularly important in terms of economic recovery and skills provision, it will be important to remain agile when responding to emerging challenges. Our goal is to work together with partners to share information and good practice, to develop pilot opportunities and to bring the most investment into the area that we can.”


Watch the event and read the Strategy and Action Plan at coast2capital.org.uk/skills-news


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