Our vision is to build back stronger, smarter and greener - working with our partners to make a difference to people and places and ensuring that our region is a fantastic place to live, grow and succeed.

Coast to Capital has a crucial role to play in helping to support economic recovery and new business realities. As a region which has always made a significant net contribution to national prosperity, Coast to Capital has a lot to offer. We concentrate on the most important opportunities to sustainably grow our business base, attracting investment, and generating jobs.


We aim to build an economy which is more diverse and more resilient, and with the necessary infrastructure upgrades to drive job creation, build supply chains between large and small business and provide training opportunities for residents. We are committed to harnessing this responsibility and position of influence by providing leadership to the regional economy.

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The Coast to Capital area does not fit the template. Rather than a single identifiable city region, it is a network of functional economic hubs around Gatwick airport which is the most important asset in our area. The economic hubs of Greater Brighton, West Sussex and East Surrey each have their own distinct sense of identity, offering a powerful draw for businesses, entrepreneurs and visitors from London, across the UK and the rest of the world.




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