This page houses documents relating the scrutiny and accountability , of which Coast to Capital operates within. Please find those documents on the right in the "Related Resources" section.

Coast to Capital is happy to participate in any local authority scrutiny panel it is invited to. To date, no requests have been made; however, all information about local authority scrutiny panels we take part in will be made available on our website.


We also commission an optional annual independent scrutiny report on an aspect of governance of Coast to Capital at the discretion of the Audit Committee. Our management response to these reports can be found in the related resources box to the right. We are currently undertaking an independent review of our risk management. We will be undertaking an independent review of our Backing Business Fund this financial year.


Our single Accountable Body is Brighton and Hove City Council who formally took this role on 1 April 2021. The minutes of the Board meeting where this decision was taken can be found here. A Service Level Agreement can be found in the related resources.



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