The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports research and innovation, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and the creation of a low carbon economy.



Coast to Capital has an ERDF budget of £27m.


ERDF is facilitated in the Coast to Capital area through the "Maximising the benefit of ERDF in Coast to Capital" Technical Assistance Project, which is worth £196,275 in ERDF. The project is led by Coast to Capital, with Surrey County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council providing support.


Live ERDF Projects

Two projects, totalling £1.5m ERDF, are now live:


“Export ASEAN” - £1m ERDF

Led by Newable, this Priority Axis 3 (SME Competitiveness) project plans to increase support to SMEs who are new exporters and those already exporting, specifically those in the Life science/healthcare sector, to grow their business internationally, especially in the ASEAN markets.


“South East International Business Growth (SEIBG)” - £500,000 ERDF

Led by Newable, this Cross-LEP Priority Axis 3 (SME Competitiveness) project aims to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and improve business support for all stages of SME development & growth.


Pipeline ERDF Projects
There are a further five projects in the pipeline, with a collective value of £3.5m ERDF.


Open ERDF Calls

There are eight ERDF Calls currently open, totalling £8.75m ERDF:


Under ERDF Priority Axis 1 – Innovation:


  • “R&D Brokerage Service” – A research and development brokerage service - £1m ERDF.


Under ERDF Priority Axis 3 – SME Competitiveness:


  • “Business Support Programme”, with a collective value of £6m ERDF, comprising of 5 Lots;


Lot 1 – "Productivity" - £2m ERDF.

Lot 2 - "Access to Finance & Investment Readiness" - £1m ERDF.

Lot 3 - "Monetisation of Innovation" - £2m ERDF.

Lot 4 - "Peer Support & Mentoring" - £500,000 ERDF

Lot 5 - "Start-up Programme" - £500,000 ERDF


  • “Internationalisation” – A Post-Brexit Export Assistance Programme - £750,000 ERDF


Under ERDF Priority Axis 4:


  • “Low Carbon: Retrofitting” – Whole Place Solutions - £1.2m ERDF.


PDF versions of all the live ERDF Call Specifications can be found in the “Related Resources” section on this page.


For further information on how to respond to the Calls and for links to the necessary forms and guidance, please go to the "Related Resources" section of this page, print off the Call specification(s) you are interested in, making a note of the Call specification reference number on the front page of each call specification, and then visit and search for the Call you are interested in by entering the Call reference number into the search box and pressing enter. 


Future ERDF Calls

In addition to the 8 ready specifications, the ESIF Committee has approved in principle 4 new policy areas for developing new specifications to be launched in March 2017 totalling almost £5m in ERDF. The following specifications are currently being drafted.


Under ERDF Priority Axis 3 – SME Competitiveness:


  • "Digital Network of Excellence in the C2C Region" - £1.75m ERDF


  • "Life Sciences Sector Support Programme" - £1.5m ERDF - comprising of 2 Lots;


Lot 1- "Stimulate Innovation Across Sectors" - £750,000 ERDF

Lot 2 – "Meeting the Skills Demand for the Life Sciences Sector" - £750,000 ERDF


  • "Supporting Growth in the Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Sector" - £1.75m ERDF - comprising of 3 Lots;


Lot 1 - "Accessing Prototyping and Testing Facilities" - £500,000 ERDF

Lot 2 – "Specialised Mentoring for Engineering" - £500,000 ERDF

Lot 3 – "Accessing the Technologies of the Future" - £750,000 ERDF


Please note that future ERDF Calls may be subject to change.

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