Unlocking Housing in North Tandridge

THEME: Housing

AREA: Tandridge

Supporting new developments whilst unlocking affordable housing

Delivery Body: Tandridge District Council

Theme: Housing

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £1.6m

Match Funding Contribution: £4.95m

Project Status: Awaiting Funding Agreement


Summary of Project

The Unlocking Housing in North Tandridge project will fund significant public infrastructure to unlock affordable housing sites in Caterham and Warlingham in Surrey. Coast to Capital Invested Local Growth Funding into the project to enable the relocation of two community refuse and recycling centres that are currently located in completely unsuitable locations, being within dense residential areas.


Both sites cause significant traffic congestion and disruption to residential properties and are also operating at full capacity and are unable to expand further. At a time when Surrey County Council are reviewing county wide recycling and proposing the creation of larger capacity multi use facilities, the Coast to capital funding will provide support to the re-location of both of the above sites, into a state of the art merged facility in Godstone.


This facility will provide a central Tandridge wide facility that will also serve the newly proposed 3,500 home South Godstone new community. The facility will include upgraded full recycling facilities and easy vehicular access off a major 'A' road. Through the relocation, the project will also unlock key commercial space and employment.


Key Outputs

  • 590 Jobs
  • 358 Homes
  • 36,086sqm Business space


View the minutes of the meeting where the decision to approve this project was taken here.


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