Sustainable Transport Package - Brighton Bike Share

THEME: Transport

AREA: Brighton

Encouraging modal shift through sustainable transport

Delivery Body: Brighton and Hove City Council

Theme: Transport

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £1.16m

Match Funding Contribution: £307k

Project Status: Complete


Summary of Project

Brighton is a key Urban Centre within Coast to Capital, with a dense population and significant traffic congestion. Brighton and Hove City Council looked to encourage the uptake of sustainable modes of transport in order to reduce congestion, increase physical activity, and improve the health, safety and quality of life of the local population. It is for this reason, Coast to Capital invested Local Growth Funding to this project.


The Project area extends from Hove Station in west, to Brighton Marina Village in the east and along the A270 corridor to Falmer and the University of Sussex to the north, and has successfully installed over 60 Docking stations, with over 550 bikes to be used across the city. In fact, this project has been so successful that there is clear evidence of modal shifts happening, with regular uses throughout the year, and is leading to further bikes and docking stations being put it new locations, and the possibility of bringing in E-bikes to the city in the future.


Key Outputs

  • 60 docking stations
  • 550 bikes


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