Southern Gateway

THEME: Regeneration

AREA: Chichester

The biggest regeneration project that the city has seen for decades

Delivery Body: Chichester District College

Theme: Regeneration

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £5m

Match Funding Contribution: £150m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

The Chichester Southern Gateway Masterplan was published in December 2017 and detailed the future aims for the city to include making the best first impression for visitors, providing the right mix of use facilities required by the population and enhancing and conserving its historic and natural environment including the unique canal basin which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. This is an ambitious regeneration project in the city of Chichester which will reclaim 12 hectares of predominately brownfield land and result in many important outcomes. Local Growth Funding will help to future proof Chichester as a viable location for homes, education and business, alongside the creation of homes and commercial space.


Important infrastructure will be included in these works such as a new road and cycle way which will support the increase in road capacity and flood defences. The relocation of key businesses will enhance the flow into and out of the city and provide the catalyst for new business opportunities to come forward, and through this unlock/creating local jobs and supporting 170 enterprises. All outputs are also thought to increase visitor numbers to Chichester, increase graduate retention from the University of Chichester by providing an appealing job market and improve the survival of new businesses in the city.


Key Outputs

  • 1,500 jobs
  • 365 homes
  • 25,600 commercial floor space constructed
  • 40 additional learners
  • 16 additional apprentices
  • 66 new enterprises supported


View the minutes of the meeting where the decision to approve this project was taken here.

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