RegenOxted (Phase 1)

THEME: Regeneration

AREA: Oxted

Revitalising the town centre in Oxted

Delivery Body: Tandridge District Council

Theme: Regeneration

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £1m

Match Funding Contribution: £16m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project:

Oxted is one of the two key towns in the district of Tandridge, located in the east of Surrey. Despite its locational advantages, Oxted faces a number of barriers to growth including both road and rail congestion and availability of land for both residential and commercial development due to significant greenbelt restrictions. For this reason, Coast to Capital awarded Local Growth Funding towards this scheme that mainly comprises two major elements.


Firstly to allow the development of a site within Oxted town centre that comprised a large disused gas holder, that had for years blighted the town centre. The site was unviable without assistance of LGF, and the gasholder site has now been demolished and is ready for development. The second and major part of the project is to reconfigure public car parking, to enable increased public realm and connectivity around the town centre, and also unlock additional housing development.


The public realm scheme forms an integral element of a regeneration strategy for Oxted and Coast to Capital's investment continues our theme of creating prosperous urban centres across our area. The LEP recognises the importance that the Oxted retail economy plays in East Surrey and this investment acknowledges our commitment to ensuring that East Surrey remains a thriving destination for both commercial and retail.


Key Outputs:

  • 150 safeguarded jobs
  • 6,220sqm of commercial floor space constructed
  • 110 homes


View the minutes of the meeting where the desicion to approve this project was taken here.

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