Horley Business Park

THEME: Infrastructure

AREA: Horley

Unlocking business space and creating vital employment opportunities

Delivery Body: Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Theme: Infrastructure

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £3.12m

Match Funding Contribution: £95.65m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

With its proximity to Gatwick Airport and the M23, Horley is a key area for creating new commercial space in order to support new and existing businesses in the area. The Horley Business Park is close to both Gatwick and Horley Railway Stations and a local urban centre and will support local residents by providing job opportunities and bringing in new consumers to the area.


Coast to Capital invested £2.83million of Local Growth Funding towards the development of this new business park which is intended to provide the area with commercial space required by already established businesses looking to scale up their current space and would otherwise need to leave the Coast to Capital region in order to find the necessary accommodation. At full capacity, the very successful Manor Royal site is currently the only alternative area so creating this new commercial park will retain more businesses in the region.


There is also a requirement for well-paid and high skilled job roles to improve on the retention of University Graduates in the area and this development will attract the types of businesses that will fill this requirement for the local population.


Local Growth Funding will assist the Council to acquire parts of the land needed for access, and will contribute to new commercial space, new road and cycle ways, vital employment, along with new infrastructure to include flood defences which will result in 7ha of land experiencing a reduction in the likelihood of flooding.


Key Outputs

  • 4km of roads
  • 3km of cycle ways
  • 180,000sqm commercial floor space constructed
  • 15,000 jobs

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