Gatwick Railway Station

THEME: Transport

AREA: Gatwick

Enhancing access improving the user experience at one of the UKs busiest stations.

Delivery Body: Network Rail

Theme: Transport

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £10m

Match Funding Contribution: £140,000,000

Project Status: Funding Agreement Signed


Summary of Project

Gatwick Railway Station is often a first point experience for travelers flying into the airport, the UK's second biggest and busiest airport, as well as a frequently used station for commuters and local passengers. In its current configuration, the station concourse is overcrowded and inaccessible to unfamiliar users particularly those with luggage, children or mobility difficulties


Coast to Capital have awarded Local Growth Funding to this project which will enhance the Station concourse and platforms. Work will include new and improved lift facilities, and stair or escalator access to all platforms which will support passengers who are unfamiliar with the station or those with mobility issues, luggage or young children to be able to negotiate the station with ease and independent of assistance. A clearer and therefore more spacious concourse and platforms for passengers waiting for trains or arriving from other destinations will enhance the general look and feel of the station and a reconfigured layout will result in a more streamlined route throughout.


Overall the project will produce a user friendly space that will improve passenger transition time and experience and will leave passengers coming into the UK with a memorable and positive first impression of Gatwick


Key Outputs

  • Improved journey times
  • Improved passenger experience
  • Increased viability for supporting businesses such as cafes
  • Increased ability to support and manage growing numbers of passengers using public transport


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