Digital Infrastructure

THEME: Digital

AREA: Brighton

Covers the Coast to Capital Area. Support for business clusters and rural hotspots to bring ultrafast and superfast broadband to their business premises.

Delivery Body: West Sussex County Council

Theme: Digital

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £46k

Match Funding Contribution: £372k

Project Status: Complete


Summary of Project

The internet has made drastic changes to how businesses operate over the last few decades. As online presence becomes even more important for businesses to reach consumers and remain competitive, it is vital that internet connection and speed is able to cope with the growing demand without issue.


This project is set to bring superfast broadband to rural, coastal and industrial areas in West Sussex. This in turn will create a pathway for new businesses in the area and for developers to build new infrastructure that will further support businesses and economic growth.


The Local Growth Funds were used to fund the infrastructure and a grant scheme supporting enterprises.


Key Outputs

  • 50 enterprises receiving support
  • 20 jobs
  • 100 additional businesses with broadband access of at least 300mbps




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