Dearman Engine Ltd

THEME: Growing Places Fund

AREA: Croydon

Dearman is a technology company which delivers ground-breaking clean cold and power systems. We have invested £2m through our growing places fund.

Status: Ongoing


Coast to Capital Growing Places contribution: £2m


Dearman is a technology company based in Croydon which delivers ground-breaking clean cold and power systems with applications across expanding global markets. The fast growing British company is developing zero-emission technology powered by the expansion of liquid air or liquid nitrogen within an innovative piston engine.


Applications for Dearman's cutting-edge technologies range from transport refrigeration and the built environment to commercial and last-mile or urban delivery vehicles. There are several benefits of using these technologies, including significant operational cost savings and immediate air quality improvement.


Coast to Capital's £2m investment will enable the continued development of a zero-emission transport refrigeration system, which provides an economically competitive and environmentally sustainable alternative to the often highly polluting, fossil fuel-powered units currently in operation. Dearman is looking to create an additional 30 - 40 jobs with roles including engineering, supply chain management, customer engagement, and after sales services.

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