Crawley Growth Programme

THEME: Infrastructure

AREA: Crawley

Enhancing Crawley as an Urban Centre through infrastructure improvements & regeneration.

Delivery Body: West Sussex County Council

Theme: Infrastructure

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £14.6m

Match Funding Contribution: £16.7m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

Crawley Growth Programme is an investment package of infrastructure improvements and physical regeneration that will tackle clear and present threats to Crawley's economic output and sustainable growth, through Local Growth Funding towards Phase 1,2&3.


The Crawley Growth Programme will invest in major public realm, pedestrian and cycle route improvements in the town centre as well as an upgraded railway, and bus station which will give a great first impression of Crawley when arriving. All these works will transform the living / business environment. The programme of works will help strengthen the sustainable transport connectivity between the town centre's core and its regeneration sites. In addition, the programme will see vital improvements to transport connectivity in and around Manor Royal Business District; an area that accommodates an array of large blue chip companies including Virgin Atlantic, Doosan, CGG, Thales, Elekta and Varian. Improvements will include a reduction in bus journey times, modal shift from cars to buses, increased cycling and walking, and improved experience for those using public transport.


This programme of works will also create or unlock homes, employment, commercial/business space, reduction in carbon emissions, cycle improvements, public realm regeneration, connectivity enhancement, and develop a new rail forecourt at Three Bridges station.


Key Outputs

  • 1,250 Homes
  • 150,000sqm commercial floor space
  • 500 jobs
  • 10 new cycle ways

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