Burgess Hill Goddards Green Waste Water Works

THEME: Infrastructure

AREA: Burgess Hill

Unlocking housing in Burgess Hill through enhanced infrastructure

Delivery Body: Mid Sussex District Council

Theme: Infrastructure

Coast to Capital LGF Allocation: £4m

Match Funding Contribution: £80.8m

Project Status: Delivering


Summary of Project

The Goddards Green waste water treatment site is located just off the A2300 and in proximity to the town of Burgess Hill. The site treats waste water to remove all harmful chemicals and ensures that it is of high enough quality to be returned to nature without causing damage to the environment or to wildlife. Despite the quality of the site and the water produced there is currently an odour issue for the surrounding land.


Coast to Capital awarded Local Growth Funds to this project to support the sites upgrade of facilities which will improve this issue and therefore reduce complaints from existing nearby residents. This is vital at this time because the new Northern Arc development is coming forward to build new homes, commercial space and new jobs within proximity to the waste water treatment site.


Without funding, 256 homes will not receive planning permission as he odour levels are required to be reduced and this project is set to achieve this and make improvements that will cause positive impacts to the environment via less impactful transport requirements and a better quality fertiliser that can be used on land and a more sustainably run site.


Key Outputs

  • 256 homes


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