08 January 2019

Following a successful recruitment campaign Coast to Capital is delighted to announce that nine experienced business leaders have been appointed to the Skills 360° Board.

They represent a range of industry sectors and business sizes, and include two public sector organisations. They will be joined by Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor of the University of Brighton, Frances Rutter, CEO and Principal of NESCOT and Nick Juba, CEO of Greater Brighton Metropolitan College who will act as the Skills 360° Board Chair.


The purpose of the Skills 360° Board is to provide direction and strategic support for the delivery of the ambitious Strategic Economic Plan, Gatwick 360°, specifically the actions within Priority 4: Create Skills for the Future, where there is an economic need to boost productivity by giving people the skills they need to secure and maintain high quality jobs.


The Skills 360° Board will act as the Skills Advisory Panel for the Coast to Capital area, bringing together employers and skills providers to understand and address key local skills challenges, with the aim of developing evidence based analysis to advise and support providers to deliver the skills required by employers.


There are two vacancies for further members for the Board, one each from the independent training provider sector and the community and voluntary sector. For information on the roles and how to apply visit the Coast to Capital website.

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital said:


"At Coast to Capital we are committed to delivering a vision for our towns and cities to be known around the world as great places to live, to grow and to succeed. We are delighted to have progressed our priority to create skills for the future by bringing together a strong team of business leaders to deliver the skills 360 board. We look forward to continuing to address the key economic challenges in our area and creating a place where young people are given the tools they need to join the modern workforce."


Nick Juba, Chief Executive Officer at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Coast to Capital Board Member and Chair of the Skills 360 Board said:

"Creating skills for the future is a great challenge for the Coast to Capital area. Ensuring that education and skills delivery match the changing requirements of industry is a key objective of the Skills board. I'm impressed with the high calibre of passionate local experts on the board who will help shape the future of students and adult learners to ensure that the local economy continues to grow and prosper."


Below are the current members of the Skills 360° Board:


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