27 July 2021

Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has launched an ambitious Business Plan to help rebuild the regional economy.

Along with other LEPs across England, Coast to Capital has a crucial role to play in helping to support economic recovery and new business realities.


COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have had a profound impact on the regional economy. In comparison with the overall UK economy (which declined by [9.9% in 2020]), the region has performed significantly worse with an estimated contraction approaching [17%]. Before COVID-19, about 10% of the economy came from Gatwick, and around 10% of our workforce commuted to London.


In the new business plan, launched today, Coast to Capital have refocussed efforts on adding value to regional growth. This includes building even stronger relationships with key businesses and sectors. The LEP will be concentrating on the most important opportunities to sustainably grow a business base, attract investment, develop skills and generate jobs.


They will be working with partners to collaborate on the delivery of new priority projects for the region: bringing unique added value to help convene the public, private and education sectors on issues which will transform the region. There is significant demand from partners for support in developing these Regional Projects, and it will form a major part of the LEPs work.


This represents the most significant change in the business since it was founded in 2010. As an ambitious organisation, Coast to Capital aims to pioneer what an effective LEP looks like to support local authorities, businesses and voluntary & community sector in delivering their wider priorities.


Julie Kapsalis, Coast to Capital Chair said:


“As a region which has always made a significant net contribution to national prosperity, Coast to Capital has a lot to offer. This plan builds on the vision that I set out at our AGM in September of last year. I am committed to leading a LEP that makes bold decisions, aspires to be best in class as well as securing a brilliant future for the region and future generations. On behalf of the Board, we look forward to working closely with our partners across the region in the delivery of this business plan.”


The business plan can be viewed in a fully accessible format at coast2capital.org.uk/business-plan.

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