19 April 2021

It is safe to say that it has been an unprecedented and challenging year for Coast to Capital as it has been for every business. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused exceptional hardship for individuals, families and businesses across the UK and the health emergency has been accompanied by unprecedented economic uncertainty and the deepest recession on record.

Coast to Capital is not the same organisation it was last year - we have adapted, evolved and stepped up in difficult circumstances to continue our support to businesses and strive for the economic success of the area. We not only moved to remote working and continued our business as usual activity but launched new funds and programmes and expanded our support to business.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be using this blog to look back at our successes during the pandemic but also share more information about how we are looking ahead to our brilliant future.


A Review of Local Enterprise Partnership(LEPs) will conclude in summer 2021 which will give us a greater understanding of the Government’s priorities for LEPs. However, the difficult economic context requires us to take on new challenges.  


As such, we will be bringing together our existing expertise both in project administration and our strategic knowledge of the economy to develop a programme of 6-10 Regional Projects.  These projects will address issues of regional and national significance We will be collaborating with partners to leverage investment and Ministerial attention on our region.


We are excited about the impact this could have on our area.  We are committed to being best in class and taking bold decisions to define our own brilliant future.


Coming Up


Look out for future blogs including:



Katie Nurcombe

Head of Corporate Affairs

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