14 October 2020

How the spending review can kickstart an infrastructure revolution that delivers for commuters.

We are delighted to share with you our second report in collaboration with the CBI on the Future of commuting. Our new paper provides a series of recommendations and practical guidance on how to build a world class infrastructure for commuters.


The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed our commuter habits. Even when social distancing is finally relaxed, peak demand on commuter networks is likely to be lower than it was before the crisis. At the same time though, we could see new types of demand as new opportunities and challenges impact the way we live.


There are also the existing historic underlying challenges we need to address in our country around levelling up our communities and decarbonising our transport networks.


Connecting communities lays out a series of recommendations on how to rethink investment in commuter networks, including:


  • The need for a long-term vision for commuting, including a longer-term approach to funding and planning.
  • Why government should take a programme approach to transport infrastructure investment- taking into account government ambitions to level-up and decarbonise, interactions with housing and place-making as well as significant changes to how we travel.
  • How government can drive delivery ensuring promises of investment are accompanied by faster and more effective project delivery.


By taking a more strategic approach to planning and delivery of transport infrastructure, the UK will be better placed to 'level-up' the commute and create better, greener and more flexible transport networks.


More on Connecting Communities online here.




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