We published our regional economic recovery plan, Build Back Stronger, Smarter and Greener in 2020. This identified a range of significant regional advantages and opportunities to stimulate positive economic growth and recovery, beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since then, we have been actively pursuing specific ideas and opportunities with partners for examples of transformational, scalable and lasting projects that can build on existing or emerging regional economic strengths to create growth within places and sectors that will, in turn, stimulate wider market confidence and investment in the region.


In response to our discussions, the Regional Projects Business Case Development Fund has been established from unallocated Growth Funds held by Coast to Capital to support a limited number of high-quality project proposals which may not otherwise have the means, capacity or expertise to progress without it.


Applicants are able to apply for between £20,000 and £100,000 of funding, depending on the nature and complexity of the project, to be used specifically toward the creation of a Full Business Case (FBC). Having an FBC prepared will place projects in a ready position to apply for further investment or borrowing, that would in turn enable them to be delivered. Successful projects will also receive an offer of in person support from the Coast to Capital team.


Regional Project Themes


Successful projects will support delivery of one of the following for Regional Project themes:


  • Net Zero Energy – new forms of clean and low carbon energy generation, adaptation and adoption
  • Natural Capital – land and marine based opportunities for biodiversity and carbon sequestration
  • Local Economies – regeneration and reimagining of the role of town centres or local place-based economies
  • Regional Identity – broader opportunities to develop distinct regional economic specialisms and approaches to stimulating inward investment


Application Guidance


Applications must be submitted to grants@coast2capital.org.uk by 2 February 2022. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by a member of the team.


The Application Form can be found on this webpage under “Related Resources”.


You will also find Application Guidance to help you complete your submission and check eligibility. All applicants agree to the Terms and Conditions of this fund.


Any queries regarding the application process can be sent to the above email address.




The intended timescales for this Fund are as follows:


  • 8th December – Application call opens
  • 2nd February at 5pm – Application deadline
  • 3rd February – 7th February – Application Screening
  • 8th February – 11th February – Application Scoring
  • 14th February onwards – Grant Offer Letters issued


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