Business Representative (Regeneration and Development Sponsor)

Retired Chief Executive Officer-London & Continental Railways Ltd (LCR)


David has recently retired as Chief Executive at LCR At LCR he was responsible for a joint venture between LCR and Lendlease created to develop the 4mn sq.ft. of primarily offices at The International Quarter, Stratford City, London. He was a director of the Mayfield Partnership joint venture with U&I, Manchester City Council, and Transport for Greater Manchester, delivering the 2mm sq.ft. mixed use Mayfield development next to Piccadilly station in Manchester. He was also a director of King's Cross Central General Partnership Ltd, a joint venture company owned by LCR, Hermes, Argent and DHL established to deliver the 8.5mn sq.ft. King's Cross Central project, the new urban quarter reaching completion between King's Cross and St Pancras International stations in London. David has experience of a wide range of partnerships between public bodies and the private sector to bring forward economic growth and development.


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