Business Representative (SME Champion)

Claire Mason, Founder and CEO, Man Bites Dog

Claire is a born entrepreneur and innovator. She worked on her first business at 14, published a book at 25 and aged 30 founded Man Bites Dog - a multi award-winning thought leadership consultancy with global reach.

Man Bites Dog specialises in working with intelligent organisations at the nexus of technology, professional and financial services to deliver visionary global marketing programmes to build reputation, deepen relationships and generate revenue. Claire has developed future-oriented global research and economic forecasts on subjects from the future of work and global trade, to SDGs, entrepreneurship and the levers of growth.

Man Bites Dog has won more than sixty national and global awards from Best Place to Work to Best Global Programme. Claire has an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and a research MA with distinction from York University.


Having spent half her life in the region, Claire is passionate about the role of business as a force for good and the power of our entrepreneurs to build a prosperous and inclusive community.


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