20 August 2020

Peer Networks is a national peer-to-peer networking programme for small business leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

Delivered locally by the Coast to Capital Growth Hub, the newly launched programme creates diverse cohort groups of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues. Through interactive action learning, this enables the discussion of challenges and provides valuable feedback to implement practical solutions to overcome them.


From finance and HR to sales, marketing and more, an expert facilitator will give you the flexibility to create a trusted support network, helping to build and strengthen your business and improve overall performance.


Businesses that seek external advice or undertake formal training are more likely to improve their overall performance, but many prefer to take advice from trusted sources when presented with external challenges and opportunities.


By completing Peer Networks, you will:


  • Overcome business challenges and recognise and act on new opportunities
  • Build a trusted network of connections to support you now and in the future
  • Improve your long-term personal and business performance


Our region is a diverse one, in every sense - geographically, economically, socially, demographically. We regard this is a major asset. When we bring people together, and work inclusively to make the most of their potential, we achieve our best. We pride ourselves on our approach to equality and diversity which is one of our corporate values.


We are committed to creating an inclusive organisation which promotes and values equality and diversity in everything we do.


Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital said:


"We are delighted to have launched Peer Networks which will provide crucial business support to leaders and ensure that our area continues to boast some of the most prominent organisations in the country, we look forward to working with exciting and innovative scale-up businesses in the near future."


To find out more visit peernetworks.co.uk.

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