18 May 2021

A diverse and robust local economy has become an vital goal for many local economic partners since COVID-19.

Gatwick airport's Economic Value report says, a strong Gatwick would support the region’s grow and diversify. This would attract new and start-up technology and green industry to the South East.


Gatwick will support a range initiatives in response to the trials faced in the local area following COVID-19. This includes programmes to support jobs, skills, sustainable growth and the local supply chain.


Gatwick Economic Value Report – view as PDF

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Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital said:


Gatwick airport is vital to the regional economy.  It is one of the best-connected places in the UK with huge potential to drive economic growth.  Gatwick’s Economic Value report creates a vision to attract public and private investment and deliver the infrastructure that the region needs. To do this, we must leverage development of the airport by making a full contribution to economic recovery. We look forward to playing a full part in delivering this plan, the scale of the challenge requires the participation of all communities and economic sectors to allow all parts of our region to meet their economic potential.


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