The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports research and innovation, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and the creation of a low carbon economy.

The Coast to Capital LEP area has an ERDF budget allocation of £31.1 million.



ERDF was facilitated in the Coast to Capital are between 2015 and 2019 through the "Maximising the benefit of ERDF in Coast to Capital" Technical Assistance Project, worth £133,151 ERDF.


Contracted Projects

9 projects totalling £14.7m ERDF have been fully contracted with MHCLG:


Priority Axis 1 - Innovation


Brighton Research and Innovation Technology Exchange (BRITE) (£5m ERDF)

Lead Partner: Plus X


Business Research and Academic Innovation Network (BRAIN) (£0.6m ERDF)

Lead Partner: SINC (University of Sussex)

The Sussex Innovation Centre (SINC) is developing the Business Research Academic Innovation Network (BRAIN) along the economic growth corridor from London to Brighton to create new connections between start-up and early stage technology / new product businesses, as well as providing financial and business support for innovation SMEs.


Digital Research & Innovation Value Accelerator (DRIVA) (£0.5m ERDF)

Lead Partner: University of Brighton

DRIVA is supporting 114 digital SMEs to engage in knowledge transfer and innovation, develop links with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and demonstrate the benefits of working with those knowledge base partners. The project seeks to overcome barriers to collaborative R&D for Creative, Digital and Information Technology (CDIT) sector SMEs in the Coast to Capital LEP area.


Priority Axis 3 - Business Support


South East Gateway to Trade (£0.6m ERDF)

Lead Partner: DIT


South East Export Grant Scheme (£0.8m ERDF)

Lead Partner: DIT


Business Hot House Programme (£5.5m ERDF)

Lead Partner: University of Chichester

This project brings together a local partnership to deliver a suite of business support options to 500 SMEs at varying stages across the Coast to Capital area.


Export ASEAN (£1.1m ERDF)

Lead Partner: Newable

The project aims to increase support to SMEs, new exporters and those already exporting, specifically those in the Life science/healthcare sector, to grow their business internationally, especially in the ASEAN markets.

South East International Business Growth (SEIBG) (£0.6m ERDF)

Lead Partner: Newable

This project aims to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and improve business support for all stages of SME development & growth. Target Geographical Areas: This is a Cross-LEP project covering the Coast to Capital, Enterprise M3, Solent, and Oxfordshire LEP Areas (Sussex, Surrey, Croydon, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire).

Priority Axis 4 - Low Carbon


Utilise Plus (£0.5m ERDF)

Lead Partner: Sustainable Business Partnership

Financial and non-financial support are available on this project, including Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency Workshops and Case Study Visits and grant funding through an innovative Best Practice Discount Scheme.


Pipeline Projects

Projects totalling £13.3m ERDF are currently in the pipeline at MHCLG.

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