Internships with Twin

ESIF: European Social Fund (ESF)

Priority: Priority 4: Creating skills for the future

This project is designed to give Coast-to-Capital (C2C) SMEs access to graduate talent that they may otherwise not achieve, keeping talent and skills in the region. Large companies naturally attract graduates for internships, but SMEs may struggle to seek out the talent. Twin Group, established for 25 years, will find graduates that match SME's business needs. The Project aims to place graduates in an internship for a minimum of 13 weeks and is at no cost to the SME. Twin will also pay reasonable travel expenses to the graduate, removing that cost barrier to the internship.

Key Statistics:

Project Lead: Twin UK

Start and End Date: May 2019/May 2022

Project Axis: PA2 - Skills for Growth

Amount of ESF: £896,565

Full Value: £1,793,131

Delivery Area: Across Coast to Capital

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