Coast to Capital is currently campaigning for investment in the Brighton Mainline to protect the economic potential of the region.

  • The Coast to Capital region needs significant long-term rail investment to support a growing regional economy and maintain its competitive advantage
  • Addressing this strategic issue will protect both the economic potential of the region and the significant contribution that it makes to London's economy
  • Network Rail has identified the Brighton Mainline as the single top priority for investment in the region and there is a strong business case for investment
  • Proposed upgrades include enhancements to the Windmill Bridge Junction and a major redevelopment of East Croydon Station
  • Unlocking this bottleneck will enhance capacity, connectivity and resilience, driving growth and productivity throughout the region. This is vital for links to London, as well as international connectivity.


Coast to Capital is spearheading the 'Brighton Mainline Alliance' which is a group of businesses and organisations that support the aim for Government to fully commit to funding strategic investment in the Brighton Mainline.


More information about our campaign messages can be found in our campaign document.

Alliance Members


By joining the Alliance you are adding your weight to our strong collective voice calling for the vital investment required to drive growth and productivity across the whole region, protect our economic potential and support the growth ambitions of our businesses. If your business or organisation wants to demonstrate support please send your logo to


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