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Careers Hub announced in Coast to Capital


Coast to Capital are delighted to announce that 35 schools and colleges from across the Crawley, Mid Sussex and East Surrey area are included in a newly formed Careers Hub to accelerate levels of support and improvement in young people's career development. The lead school is Howard of Effingham and the lead college is NESCOT.


Schools and colleges within the Careers Hub have access to:


  • an expert 'Hub Lead' to help coordinate activity and build networks
  • a central fund to support employer engagement activities
  • training for a 'Careers Leader' in each school and college


As a result of the pandemic, a particular focus of Coast to Capital is on the aviation sector losing large numbers of jobs, and making sure that the workforce keeps up with the future demands. This is likely to become much more automated and tech-driven as COVID-19 drives massive change on how it operates. In Crawley and some other places, levels of entrepreneurship and business start-up are very low and there is no University presence close to the airport.


As a key priority for Coast to Capital's Skills 360 Board, which brings together employers and skills providers to understand and address these key local skills challenges, the proven Careers Hub model will now play a critical role in supporting local skills development.


Evidence published by The Careers & Enterprise Company in October last year showed Career Hubs accelerating overall careers education progress and performance by 56% in 12 months.


To view the full press release, click here.


Click here for meeting information and minutes of the Careers Hub steering group


Click here to read the Careers Hubs Provider Access Policy


Careers Hub Launch Event




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