The current priorities on which we intend to influence the debates at national level are:

Developing a clear LEP position on the opportunities to increase housing and regeneration in our area, based on informed engagement with senior business figures in our region.

In order to develop a clear position, Coast to Capital established a time limited Housing and Regeneration Task Force which brought together private and public sector expertise to advise the Coast to Capital Board on the opportunities to increase housing and employment space, drive regeneration and stimulate economic growth in the LEP region.


The aim of the Task Force was to identify a role for the LEP which adds value to, and does not duplicate, the work of private and public sector organisations involved in housing delivery, notably the local authorities which are the statutory planning authorities. The Task Force recommend a role for the LEP centred on four main themes:


  • Affordability: our economy will not be competitive if only the relatively well-off can afford to live in the region and employers are unable to recruit the people they need at lower, as well as higher, occupational levels. Is there a role for the LEP in providing houses that are affordable so that our workforce can afford to live here?
  • Leadership and partnership: is there a role for the LEP in helping to deliver more houses more quickly to meet the needs of our workforce?
  • Meeting demand: housing demand is already outstripping supply; can Coast to Capital use its resources to increase the scale and pace of delivery of new housing in our area to meet the needs of our growing population for example, young people?
  • Infrastructure and employment: is there scope for the LEP to use its resources to improve the linkages between housing, employment opportunities and transport so that our economy can function more effectively?


The resulting report can be found in the Related Resources section on the right hand side of this page.

Housing and Regeneration

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