Coast to Capital has an ESF budget of £24m. Please see below for information on our open calls, contracted projects and closed calls.

ESF is facilitated in the Coast to Capital area through the "Maximising the benefit of ESF in Coast to Capital" Technical Assistance project, which is worth £193,492 in ESF. The project is led by Coast to Capital, with Surrey County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council providing support.



Open ESF Calls


Coast to Capital have the following calls open for “Skills for Growth - Enhancing Equal Access to Lifelong Learning in the Coast to Capital LEP Area”:


Opt-In/Direct Call


ESF Value

Direct Call

2.1 Digital Skills for the Employed – launched jointly with Enterprise M3 LEP


Direct Call

2.2 Digital Skills for SMEs




The calls close on Friday 7th July 2017.


For further details on each Call and for guidance on how to apply please visit:



Contracted Projects


3 projects totalling £1.54m ESF have been fully contracted through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (previously Skills Funding Agency Opt-in). These are focussed on Skills Support for the Workforce – basic, intermediate and high level skills.



Project Lead

ESF  Value

What the project will do

10iii (2.1)  ESFA Opt-in Lot 1 - 
Skills Support for Workforce, basic skills provision

London Learning Consortium


Equal access to learning for all age groups, upgrading the skills of the workforce, flexible learning, careers guidance, validation of competence.

10iii (2.1)  ESFA Opt-in Lot 2 - 
Skills Support for the Workforce, intermediate and higher level skills provision for the employed






National Skills Academy for Financial Services


10iii (2.1)  ESFA Opt-in Lot 3  - 
Skills Support for the Workforce, intermediate and higher level skills provision for the unemployed





1 project won by Kennedy Scott worth £1.33m ESF has been fully contracted through DWP Opt in. This is focussed on pre-work through to sustained employment.



Project Lead

ESF  Value

What the project will do

8i (1.1) DWP Opt-in support for target groups from pre-work through to sustained employment

Kennedy Scott


Access to employment - innovative interventions into sustained employment.




9 projects totalling £2.39m ESF have been fully contracted through the Big Lottery Fund Opt-in.



Project Name

Project Lead

ESF  Value

What the project will do

1.4 BLF 1. Interventions with NEETs




Support NEETs and those at risk of becoming NEET through a programme of targeted support offered by a key worker service, focused on hotspot areas of Croydon, Brighton and Hove and West Sussex.

1.4 BLF 2. Return to work for LTU

Inspiring the working people of tomorrow

Royal British Legion Industries


Reduce worklessness by working with long term unemployed and wider family units to tackle entrenched issues, such as intergenerational benefits dependency and improve health and financial wellbeing.

1.4 BLF 3. Family  focused labour market provision

Working Together For Work (WT4W)

Aspire Sussex Ltd


Intensively support disadvantaged unemployed & economically inactive members of families with multiple problems and most at risk of social exclusion through a range of solutions.

1.4 BLF 4. Health & Wellbeing

Croydon Health Employment Partnership

Croydon Voluntary Action


Provide a customised set of empowerment, health improvement and employment support activities that will tackle health inequalities in using a model of wrap-around support delivered by a partnership of VCS agencies.

1.4 BLF 5. Housing centred solutions

Pathways to Employment East Surrey

Raven Housing Trust


Provide intensive, targeted wrap-around support for people facing housing insecurity to move closer to the job market or into work through a tailored ‘Pathway to Employment’ which is built upon partnerships supporting vulnerable households.

1.4 BLF 6. Community Led ESF provision


Brighton and Hove Community Works


Offer intensive one to one support into employment, volunteering and training for the hardest to reach. This will include marginalised and excluded, unemployed and economically inactive people from some the most disadvantaged areas in the region.

1.4 BLF 7. Supporting social enterprise


The Platform


Support people who are out of work to set up new social enterprises and develop employability skills.

1.4 BLF 8. Community Inclusion

Local learning Perspectives (LLP)

Aspire Sussex Ltd


Intensively support long-term unemployed and economically inactive clients most at risk of social exclusion with a range of problems.

1.4 BLF. 10 Increasing employment levels in social enterprises

Get Socially Active

Friends Centre


Match participants to employment opportunities by building on their existing skills and updating skills to enable them to set up a social enterprise or become part of one. It will also support participants to get involved with or set up community groups.




Pipeline Projects


There are currently no projects in the pipeline awaiting contracts to be awarded.


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