Coast to Capital has an ESF budget of £25m. Please see below for information on our open calls, contracted projects and closed calls.

ESF is facilitated in the Coast to Capital area through the "Maximizing the benefit of ESF in Coast to Capital" Technical Assistance project, which is worth £193,492 in ESF. The project is led by Coast to Capital, with Surrey County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council providing support.



Coast to Capital are expecting DWP to launch a Direct Call for £8.89 million of ESF funding for the LEP area in early in 2018.


The exact date is yet to be finalised, however to enable potential applicants time to work toward match funding requirements and partnership collaboration we are providing initial detail of these Direct Calls.


 The £8.89m ESF will comprise of:


  • £6.91m ESF in Priority Axis 1: Inclusive Labour Market


-      Investment Priority 1.1: Access to employment for job seekers and inactive people. Call worth £3.55 million ESF.


This call will seek to support unemployed adults to transition into employment and self-employment 


-      Investment Priority 1.4: Active inclusion including equal opportunities & improving employability. Call worth £2.54 million ESF


This call will seek to support unemployed and inactive people who face multiple barriers to work.


  • £2.8m ESF in Priority Axis 2: Skills for Growth


-      Investment Priority 2.1: Equal access to learning for all age groups, upgrading the skills of the workforce, flexible learning, careers guidance, validation of competence. Call worth £2.8 million ESF


This call seeks to provide training, support and guidance to increase productivity and economic growth.


In the “Related Resources” section on the right of this page you will find a brief description of each Call and the latest version of the Coast to Capital ESIF Strategy.


Although the ESF Call Window will not be opening until 2018 we would encourage potential applicants to start exploring ideas, match funding and partnership opportunities now. 


We are not anticipating that any of these Calls will change, but this is not completely out of the question, as (although agreed) these Calls have not yet been published by DWP.


Apprenticeship Levy

For more information on using the Apprenticeship Levy as ESF match please click here


Open ESF Calls

At present there are no open calls for the Coast to Capital area.


For information on all closed calls and open calls once they are published and how to apply, please click here


Contracted Projects 

We have 14 projects underway totaling £5.46m in ESF. These projects range from helping people who are furthest away from employment through to up-skilling people who are in employment.


The interactive map below indicates where the contracted projects are being carried out and also provides an overview of what the projects will do. For further in depth information on these projects please click on the ‘ESF Contracted Projects – Further Details’ document in the related resources section to the right of this page.



Closed Calls

6 Calls have now closed and applications are going through the review process.


Opt-In/Direct Call


ESF Value

Direct Call

1.2 NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) – 3 Lots


Direct Call

2.1 Digital Skills for the Employed – launched jointly with Enterprise M3 LEP


Direct Call

2.2 Digital Skills for SMEs



Direct Call

2.1 Leadership and Management Skills for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

£1,500,000 each project
(2 projects in total)

Direct Call

2.1 Leadership and Management Skills for Business Owners and Owner Managers

£1,094,271 each project
(2 projects in total)

Direct Call

2.2 Graduate Internships for SME Growth and Employability Skills


(one project only)

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